Advisory Services

We are a technology company at heart. Creating, implementing and managing cutting-edge solutions is at the core of what we do. By building numerous ventures and projects within the Daftcode Group, we accumulated know-how and experience that enables us to keep rolling out world-class technologies.

Transform your business

We can help transform your business for the age of innovation by applying our know-how and experience, along with world-class tools, methodology and technical capabilities. We use practical, data-driven methods, deeply entrenched in our experience.

How can we help?

We have wide knowledge and experience that we turn into cutting-edge technologies. We can advise you on all aspects of running technical side of your business. We see no limits in how we can work together and each engagement is treated as unique and tailored to your specific challenges and requirements.

Areas of expertise

Team management

We know how good technical teams work and can answer key questions that will define their success. Who is the natural leader? How are the top talents nurtured? Is the team organized to maximize efficiency?


Work methodology

No method of working is universally productive and different teams can work different ways. Our expertise enables us to judge whether your way of working is adequate to your business and technical challenges.


Quality assesment

Using our experience we can judge the quality of development work being done at your company. We have our own propertiary methods to review both code quality and overall application design.


IT architecture

Reliability is the king. We can determine whether your IT architecture and infrastructure is scalable, future-proof, accessible from all locations at all time and cost-efficient in line with your needs.


IT risk management

Data security is critical. We are able to advise on how to effectively safeguard your most valuable and assets. Not only against cyber attacks, but also against data loss, while keeping seamless user experience.


GDPR compliance

Data is the new oil and at Daftcode we understand it better than anyone else. With the expertise of our legal team we can advise you on how to stay compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations.

Interested in working with us?

How do we work?

Practicality and common sense is at the core of how we approach technical problems. We like to build our recommendations the same way we build our ventures. We take an idea, test and iterate it, until we arrive at a solution that is practical, tailored and implementable.

The process

Understanding the context

Before we get into any further discussions, we want to understand your business and determine we can help you. We will sit down with you and drill into what really is the underlying issue that needs to be solved. This will be the anchor for all our future discussions – what exactly needs to be done to solve your particular problem?


Scoping the work

Once we know the problem and the organizational context behind it, we start to think how to solve it. We will propose a tailored approach to tackling the issue that will give you full transparency on what needs to be done, by whom and by when.



We start with an in-depth analysis of the problems you face. We talk to people in your organization, we consult with experts and confront what we see with our experience and knowledge. The goal of this phase is to gain full in-depth understanding of what can improved in your organization.


Solution design

With the full understanding of the context, we work with you to answer the problem. Our main goal is to deliver solutions that can be implemented from the get-go and that’s how approach this phase. Every recommendation we develop is personalized and tested with key people at your organization.


Implementation support

After we tell how to tackle a problem, we stay onboard to see it through. We will advise you during every step on the way and make sure that our recommendations are fully rolled out.


Our foundations

Over the years we built a lean, dynamic technology organization that delivers truly world-class solutions. We like to think that numbers speak for themselves and we have the numbers to back our claims:


Project delivery

We can set up and deliver projects on time and on budget. For our recent project, we delivered a complex system containing 4 services and 10 servers, while using 50 different technologies in less than a year with a team of 3 experts. The delivery was on time and budget with full scope (no shortcuts!) and created business benefits from day 1



We have designed and launched complex systems that achieved 100% uptime since release, whilst requiring only 8h of manual administration monthly thanks to incident-proof architecture and almost full automation of monitoring


Cost efficiency

We have experience in designing and implementing extremely efficient and cost-effective services: our systems can process ~200 mln daily requests with infrastructure cost of <20k PLN annually



Thanks to our dedicated solutions for data gathering and aggregation we can collect real-time statistics for ~0,5bn events daily, while maintaining historical databases with >10TB of data