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8000–15000 PLN + VAT (B2B)

DaftMobile is a mobile app development venture with a proven track record. They have 10 mobile apps in their portfolio, including: SkillUp, Restaurant Club or Skribots for Skriware – a tool teaching children development skills while playing with a cartoon robot. DaftMobile's projects are created, among others, for Daftcode Group companies and external clients.

Job Details

Your responsibilities:

The ideal candidate should be passionate about Android development and have experience in iOS development as well. We are looking for someone who is independent, proactive, and interested in exploring new technologies and solutions. Creativity, autonomy, and a willingness to test and implement new technologies are highly valued.

  • Developing and maintaining the Android version of the SDK, ensuring it integrates smoothly with crypto platforms.
  • Collaborating with backend teams to define and implement necessary APIs.
  • Ensuring security and privacy standards are met, leveraging Android's security features.
  • Testing for various Android devices and OS versions to guarantee wide compatibility and performance.
  • Providing documentation and support to developers implementing the SDK in their Android applications
  • Implementing robust encryption and security measures to protect user data and transactions.
  • Testing the SDK extensively to identify and fix bugs, and to improve performance.

Our mobile application development studio is looking for an experienced Android Developer for a project lasting at least 3 months, with the possibility of extension. This role allows for a remote work model.

Our Tech Stack at Daftmobile:

  • Kotlin, with Java as an alternative, for app development due to its modern features and interoperability.
  • Android SDK and Android Studio for development tools and environment.
  • Jetpack Compose as UI toolkit.
  • Libraries such as Retrofit or Apollo GraphQL for network calls, Gson for JSON parsing, and Room for database management.
  • Security libraries like Bouncy Castle or Android Keystore for encryption and secure data storage.
  • Git for version control and collaborative development.

Our Approach to Work: 

  • Clean Code: We believe in writing code that's not just functional but also clean and maintainable.
  • Code Reviews: Every line of code gets reviewed, ensuring quality and collaborative improvement.
  • Code Quality Metrics: We don't just write code; we measure its quality to continuously enhance it.
  • Static Code Analysis: Catching issues early with regular static code analysis.
  • Design Patterns: Implementing tried-and-tested design patterns for robust and scalable solutions.

Minimum qualifications:

  • More than 3 years of experience as an Android Developer.
  • Knowledge of Kotlin (min 3 years of experience)
  • Knowledge of version control systems
  • Knowledge of Android SDK
  • Knowledge of Kotlin Coroutines
  • Ability to write tests (unit/UI/integration)
  • Knowledge of Architecture Components
  • Knowledge of Jetpack Compose
  • Knowledge of RxJava
  • Skill in using DI 
  • Knowledge of Firebase
  • Knowledge of English (at least B2 level)

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience in iOS development
  • Experience in Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Experience working with CI/CD systems

Our benefits See what perks we've prepared for you.

Health & Wellbeing

We care about our employees’ health. We offer private medical care, in-office diagnostic tests, and a Multisport card. We believe in mixing business with pleasure, and so there are also sports activities available to our employees!


We believe in a culture of appreciation. Involvement in company life is awarded with points in the company’s cafeteria plan. We organize office theme parties, contests, and integration events as well as provide funds for group outings.

Office life

Yes, we know there's more to life than a gorgeous view from the office. That’s guaranteed in our office on the 40th floor of Warsaw Spire. However, we also celebrate little things together, like the International Pancake or Chocolate Day.

Recruiting Team Find out who you’ll meet during the job interview.

  • Dmytro Shumov

    Dmytro Shumov

    Mobile Team Lead

  • Małgorzata Zwolińska

    Małgorzata Zwolińska

    Head of People

Recruitment process Short. Transparent. That’s it



Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile. You can also just write a few words about yourself.



Let’s talk about your experience & expectations. You will also solve problems of the type you’ll work on.

Recruitment task

Recruitment task

On some positions we need additional verification. We might send you a task to solve.

Final Interview

Final Interview

Let’s talk about your recruitment task. You will also meet the team, you will be working with.



Now you can join our team and start a great adventure!

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